Empori Anxo Medicare Ltd. (EAML) is a reputed, well known and professional company in Bangladesh engaged in marketing and sales of products and services on behalf of foreign manufacturers/suppliers as their agent in medical equipment, pharmaceutical industry and Life Science Market. Be it high-end or affordable, EAML specializes on all kinds of medical equipment and machinery ranging from ICU to Critical Care to Laboratory Equipment, etc. Since its establishment, EAML has meticulously developed each and every product by making sure the product quality is of the highest standard and also prioritized the local needs and preferences. Being in an industry directly related to the healthcare sector, we are dedicated in ensuring top-notch quality and services. Since it’s inauguration, EAML has unequivocally believed to serve its customers with exceptional products and services and hence, the workforce at EAML has been highly trained
regarding each and every product it offers to the local market. Our biomedical engineers have exceptional skills and knowledge regarding the equipment and machinery we offer. A client’s satisfaction is the key to a healthy business in the long run and we at EAML work diligently to serve our customers to keep them happy and satisfied and we ensure long-term
relationships with them. EAML promises to delve furthest into the deep-end to serve its customers.


We have expert people all over Bangladesh who handles proper planning and execution. We are introducing first ever unique concept for online medicine service,once you use our app and get doctors recommendation you can use our online service to get medicine at your door steps.